Tom Dreibrodt M.A. 

Licensed NLP-Coach, certified Hypnosis-Coach, certified Stress-Burnout Trainer

What is coaching?

What does a coach actually do?

The question is very valid. And the answer is so simple:

I help people.

Yes, sometimes it can be that simple.

What I don't do as a coach?

Unfortunately, I won't present you with ready-made solutions to your challenges on a silver platter or take on tasks that you don't want to do.

So, what is coaching then?

My job as a coach is to motivate you to achieve your life goals on your own. I support you in doing so. And sometimes, I might give you a little nudge when necessary.

However, it's important to note that you can achieve everything you envision, from your own strength and with your own resources.

I assist you in formulating your goals and reaching them independently.

And why am I a coach?

Over the years of wandering through the murky swamp of my own life, I received a lot of help through professional coaching. And this help led me out of the swamp.

It became clear to me quickly: I want to give back everything I've learned. I want to help people, just as I was helped back then.

That's my path.


Coaching does not replace medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician. Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy.

During coaching, no medical diagnosis is made, nor any corresponding treatment performed. There are no promises of healing.

If you are undergoing medical or psychotherapeutic treatment or taking medication, please consult your treating physician or psychiatrist before the first coaching session.

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